About me, my mission and this website

I like to introduce myself, both as Wiebe (S.J.) Glastra and WSJpiano.
The latter is my internet name, a kind of stage name, which I chose as domainname for my musical activities.
And since I live in the Netherlands, it’s www.WSJpiano.nl

This stage name arose spontaneously from the initials of my three christian names added with my passion for the piano. WSJ stands for Wiebe (S.J.) As my surname Glastra is rather unpronounceable for many foreigners, Piano is a nice international replacement for it.

To be honest and clear: WSJ was not stolen from the Wall Street Journal, nor from Wibi SoerJadi, although I do hope that one day he will play some of my compositions 😉 and that the Wall Street Journal will write about me, some day…

For an extensive personal introduction I might forward you to my other website www.VIP4ever.nl, where I also tell about me being an author, and about the books I (and my wife) wrote (only available in Dutch):
– A catching novel, La Única, about the interesting subject of ‘Eco-tourism’ in the Canary archipelago.
– My autobiography, Binnenstebuiten, about my experience with the Holy Spirit in different periods of my life, as a young christian, as widower with four teenage kids, as a newly wed, etc.

As for now, I’m happy to welcome you at my website with inspirational music, based on my motto: Music with a Message

My mission statement:

“It’s my heart’s desire to share my music with you, to lift you up, encourage you, and comfort you with it, and to enable you to reproduce and multiply it through written music (scores). So my legacy is: the inspiration I received (from God), I forward on paper, digitally, and audibly, by a mix of available means.”

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